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Top 5 Spring Organizing Tips for Three Main Areas of Your Home

Top 5 Spring Organizing Tips for Three Main Areas of Your Home:


  1. Toss out expired cleaning items or those you haven’t used in years.
  2. Go through food storage containers – if there’s not a lid to match the bottom, throw it out.
  3. Drawers – Have a garbage can nearby so that you can easily toss items you no longer need to keep. Invest in drawer dividers to keep things in order.
  4. Refresh cleaning towels/hand towels – throw out the old and add new hand towels as well as cleaning cloths.
  5. Pantry – Throw away any expired foods and donate items that you are not going to eat. This is a great time of year to clean out old spices. Keep the containers but toss the expired spices, then refill at your local health food store’s bulk spice section – a very cost effective way to refresh your spice cabinet.


  1. Pick five items per wardrobe section you haven’t worn in over a year. Either sell or donate them. I guarantee someone else will get more use of that clothing than you watching them sit in your closet.
  2. Throw away old shoe boxes and display your shoes on a shelf. Enjoy storing them in boxes to keep the dust off? Consider using nice, clear boxes to store your shoes in.
  3. Dust and vacuum all areas of the closet as well as throw away any trash.
  4. Invest in matching, good quality hangers. This will help keep your clothes in better condition as well as have your closet looking tidier.
  5. Current closet layout not working for you? Consider installing a new closet system to make the area more functional.

Kids’ Toy Room

  1. Go through all toys and create “Keep,” “Donate/Sell,” and “Trash” piles.
  2. For those items you’re going to keep, store some of the items away in storage and swap out every few weeks with those toys that are out for the kids to play with on a daily basis. This creates “new toys” every few weeks!
  3. Throw away toys that are broken, missing pieces or have seen better days.
  4. Sort toys into labeled bins or baskets by type – this helps children go right to that area to find what they’re looking for.
  5. For the Lego-loving children, create a display area for them to show off their special creations using a bookcase or table.

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