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Property Protocol™ Case Study: Hoarder House

by Tracy Wick –

Recently our Property Protocol™ system was utilized to assess, prepare, and sell an inherited hoarder house for an optimal return on investment. In this case, the home was in need of a major clean-out:



In order to get the house “Market Ready”, the Tracy Wick Property Team:

  • Obtained multiple bids for a clean-out ranging from $10,500 to $3,500 saving the trustee $7,000.
  • Properly priced the house to sell in an ‘As-Is’ condition.
  • Arranged for the clean-out and quickly & effectively marketed the home for sale.



Within only 7 days on the market, Property Protocol™ produced 10 offers and an ultimate sale price of $85,173 or 106.4% of the list price! The estate realized a gain of $12,173 by utilizing our Property Protocol™ system.

In summary, the process of preparing and selling an inherited home and all of its contents is complex and can be time consuming and frustrating. Professional project management is available. To find out more about Property Protocol™ or to receive a free Inherited Home Guide, please visit