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Novi Realtor Gives Final Walk-Through Tips

Novi Realtor Gives Final Walk-Through Tips

After the seller accepts the buyer’s offer, a home inspection will take place within a week. And this inspection often will reveal that certain repairs are needed, anywhere from a leaky faucet to major foundational issues. In this case, the seller is provided a list of all requested repairs that need to be completed before the buyer moves into the home.

Sometimes sellers will fail to complete every item on the list, maybe due to lack of time or simply overlooking them. This is just one of the reasons why it’s crucial for a buyer to complete a thorough and final walk-through prior to the closing with an experienced real estate agent.

If a long list of repairs is needed, you and your agent will want to inspect the home about a week prior to closing. This will allow the seller time to remedy any outstanding issues.

Then, buyers should perform another final walk-through right before closing.

What are some things to be mindful of during a final walk-through? Novi Realtor, Tracy Wick explains what to look for.

Confirm Requested Repairs are Completed and There are No New Issues

As stated earlier, one of the main reasons for a final walk-through is to confirm that all requested repairs have been completed by the seller.

Also, check basic features and appliances to make sure that there are no new issues. Everything should be in the same condition as when you signed the purchase agreement.  Check the hot water heater and AC unit. Test alarm systems and make sure any included appliances are in place and functioning properly. You can check all of the electrical outlets by simply plugging in your phone charger.

Make Sure There is No Damage or Vandalism to the Property

Another problem that could occur after the home is emptied is new damage or even vandalism. This could be a result of  the movers denting the drywall or scraping the walls  while moving large furniture in certain cases the empty home could have been broken into and vandalized.

Another thing for buyers to be mindful of,  is that the empty property will look different than a staged home.  There may be small holes in the wall where pictures used to hang that can be easily patched.  However, check for any significant damage that is revealed after the home is emptied. For example, maybe there was an area rug that was concealing staining or major damage to the carpet or hardwood. This type of damage would not be acceptable should be brought to the sellers’ attention.

All Items Included in Purchase are Still in the Home

If there were specific inclusions, such as appliances or window treatments, make sure they are still in the home as agreed upon.

Also be sure you have all keys, garage door openers, ceiling fan remotes, swimming pool access cards and other small items included in the purchase.

Make Sure Unwanted Debris and Junk is Removed

Sometimes sellers are in a hurry, and instead of taking their unwanted belongings with them, they may fill garages, sheds, or attics with their left overs, only to burden the new buyer with removing it all.

Buyers have enough move in tasks and the last thing you need is removing others unwanted “junk”. During the final walk-through, open closets, check attics or crawl spaces, and look in the garage or shed to make sure they have been completely emptied. Also make sure to look behind the garage and shed for any unwanted items that were left behind.

About Novi Realtor, Tracy Wick

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