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Novi Real Estate Agent Explains the Importance of Protecting Unoccupied Homes

Novi Real Estate Agent Explains the Importance of Protecting Unoccupied Homes
A common mistake Novi property owners make is letting the house sit too long without security and strategic caretaking.

The risk: Vandalism and theft risk is increased, insurance claims could be denied.

Help secure your property immediately by changing the garage codes, changing the locks and installing a security system. Theft and vandalism are not the only risks you may encounter because the house is unoccupied. A major loss – even one covered by insurance – could potentially damage valuables and delay the sale by months. You can reduce your chances of having a major loss from break ins, fires, smoke damage, and even water damage from frozen pies by installing a central alarm system and adding an optional temperature sensor to protect the pipes from freezing. The alarm system may also provide a discount on your homeowner’s insurance rates.

Smart Home Technology for Your Novi Home

If you are responsible for securing an unoccupied home, you are fortunate to be living in a time where home security and automation features aren’t too far off from the Jetsons. In addition to advanced video surveillance and remote monitoring, there are additional features to help secure the property and make it more energy efficient. Not to mention,  installing this technology will only increase the property value, making it a win-win situation for sellers.

Video Surveillance – Remotely monitor multiple cameras inside or outside the property from your smartphone or tablet. This is perfect if you have contractors working in the home because you don’t have to be onsite during the entire project.

Motion Sensors – Detect any motion or movement inside or outside the residence when the alarm is activated.

Lighting Control – Remotely control the lights of your home from a smartphone or tablet.  Setting the lights to turn on and off at various times will help make the home appear less vacant and can deter theft and vandalism.

Motorized Shades – Vacant homes are often targeted for break ins. Opening and closing the shades remotely is yet another way to give the illusion that someone is staying in the home.

Locks – This feature allows you to lock and unlock your home remotely.  This can be a huge benefit if the seller lives out of state. Have a last minute showing? Unlock the home and then lock it up after the showing is finished.

Climate Control – Control your thermostat remotely. You can also set minimum and maximum temperatures and receive notifications if they are exceeded.

Stay on Top of Maintenance and Upkeep

Just because no one is living in the home doesn’t mean you can forgo regular maintenance. Vacant homes are a major target for theft and vandalism. And landscape that is unkept or unshoveled snow are huge indicators to criminals that no one is living in the home. If you do not have time for property management, hire landscape and other maintenance companies to do the work for you.

In addition to regular maintenance, stage the home by decorating the porch or planting fresh flowers. Not only will this help deter break-ins, you are making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

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