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Made for Michigan Paint

by Motor City Paint Company™

Finding the right paint for a Michigan home is difficult work.

The truth is, not all brands of paint are created equal. Some are made for certain climates, others for different kinds of homes. And some paints simply don’t stand up to the test of time.

For Michigan homes, finding the right paint brand is especially important. You don’t just need a paint that can stand up to cold, or hot, or rain or snow. You need a paint that can stand up to all of that—even when it happens in the span of a week!

It’s no wonder that so many paints can’t stand up to Michigan’s rugged climate. Even paints that are made “for rough weather” typically only focus on one kind of weather. That is simply not what a Michigan home needs.

That’s why we developed Motor City Paint.

Motor City Paint is made by Michiganders, for Michiganders. And that means we test our paint like a Michigander would. We make sure that our paint won’t crack or peel during the freeze-thaw cycles in the winter. We make sure that it can power through the heat and humidity of the summer. No matter what Michigan’s climate throws at your home—rain, snow, sun or wind—Motor City Paint is rated #1 is washability and stain-blocking.

Motor City Paint Company™ Paint and Stain is specifically formulated to withstand Michigan’s harsh winters and sun baked summers. The exterior paint & stain helps resist mold, mildew & dirt pick up and is engineered to expand and contract with the extreme temperature changes. It remains extremely flexible making it ideal for the constant freezing and thawing of a Michigan winter. It is water based and can be applied down to 20 degrees, helping contractors and homeowners extend the exterior painting season.

Advanced Ceramic Technology

Advanced Ceramic Technology sets Motor City Paint Company™ apart with award winning interior paints that are stain resistant and washable. Motor City Paints Company™ Ambassador & Guardian paint formulas contain ceramic micro spheres.

Think of ceramic micro-spheres as tiny, microscopic ball bearings. They are perfectly round (spherical) in shape and so fine that the raw materials look like a fine white powder.

In our Ambassador and Guardian paint formulas; these ceramic beads are used in conjunction with a high quality of 100% acrylic resin to create a hard, smooth surface that is extremely resistant to stains, burnishing and abrasion.

Ceramic microspheres take the place of conventional extender pigments (such as clay, silica sand, etc.). Conventional extender pigment particles are irregular in size and shape and have jagged peaks and sharp edges which can wear down and easily absorb stains. The irregular shapes trap dirt and make washing more difficult.

Ceramic microspheres pack together much more efficiently, reducing permeability and improving stain resistance. Plus, because of their smooth shape, the paint applies with improved brushing and rolling qualities.

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