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Getting on the Same Page for Downsizing

It’s time to downsize and making the tough decisions on where your next chapter is going to be can be taxing. It’s even more taxing when you and your spouse aren’t on the same page for what to do next. Does you spouse want to live within the city, while you want something more suburban? Or do you want to live within the city? Disagreeing on just how much downsizing you want to do? Here are a few tips to help you and your partner to get on the same page!

Be Honest About Your Fears and Desires

Selling the home you’ve built so many memories within can bring up a lot of different emotions. You can be scared, anxious, and excited for a new chapter of life to begin. No matter the feelings, discuss your emotions frankly as a couple. This brings transparency and open communication to the situation. Discussing your emotions with your partner allows for them to dig deeper (and vice versa) and become fully aware of your wants. While discussing such an important topic could result in an argument, it’s still better than simply not talking it. Communication opens the door for understanding and not resentment which could harbor down the road.

Downsizing a Giant Reset for Your Life

This big move is a reset for life. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? Do you still want to move to Mexico like you did 20 years ago? Do you want to start that business you’ve been dreaming about? You and your partner should ask these type of questions to see if your desires align. Whether they align or not, the answer to the questions can help you figure out what steps need to be taken.

Get Serious About What Really Matters

As you grow older, it can be easy to get stuck in a routine. Routines feel secure and safe, you know exactly what’s going to happen and when they’re going to happen. While this feels safe, it can make you stagnant and too comfortable. Downsizing is an opportunity grow in a new place and disrupt the routine you’re clinging on to. Your life could always benefit from change and growth!

Look Forward to the Future

A major reason people feel anxiety about downsizing is because they’re focusing too much on the past and old memories. Looking forward to the future with your partner is perspective which enables this big step to be an exciting one compared to a daunting decision. You and your partner could start planning new adventures to take on after downsizing.


Hopefully these tips can start the conversation about downsizing to ensure the process is smooth. Enjoying this next chapter of life together is what is so important!