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Challenges of Full-Time RV Living


If you’re contemplating an RV lifestyle, you should know what to expect. It will not all be fun and games! By knowing what to anticipate and how others have dealt with similar situations, you will be able to recognize your concerns and fears as normal. Here are some challenges of full-time RV living that you may not have considered:

Maintenance: There is no sending the RV to the shop for days to get fixed or having a plumber come out and fix your toilet while you are at work. Many of the maintenance issues are on your shoulders to handle or delegate, but you are in the middle of it all and you live there as well.

No Built-In Routine: You will have to constantly search for a new favorite grocery store or a laundromat that has decent dryers and doesn’t take all your money. You will no longer have your neighborhood diner to get your favorite dinner.

Internet & TV: If you find yourself in an area where the coverage is spotty, it can be a nightmare. Especially if you work online and need stable access to the internet.

Storage: Downsizing to an RV will leave you either with a full storage unit somewhere or having to get rid of most of your possessions.

Utilities: You will have to be careful about the power and water you consume. No longer will you be able to turn on all the lights you need. Nor all the water you want and not worry about where the waste goes. You will need to keep track of how long you take a shower, wash dishes, or charge your phone.

Less Privacy: With less room comes less privacy. Will you be ok with constantly sharing your space with your partner or do you need ample alone time? If you have arguments often before going on the road, you’ll have to learn to resolve them quicker.

Mail: You will have to find a company that can take it for you and send it when you ask for it. This is also an added monthly cost to consider, but don’t expect to get your mail fast. Some companies offer the ability to scan and email your mail to you for additional fees.

Other Factors: These can include city traffic, increasing gas prices, difficulty finding a doctor you like, and of course having to deal with holding tanks!

These challenges might be too overwhelming for some, but for many the benefits of full- time RV living are worth it!

Could you be happy living in an RV full time? Share your comments with us!