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Is it time to sell your home?

Selling a home can be a scary process for many seniors. Building a life and countless memories in your home makes the thought of selling very intimidating and daunting. It’s a heavy emotional decision and getting rid of homely possessions can be tough. While it can be overwhelming there are a few indicators to let you know selling your home is the best decision. Maintenance becomes a burden  Keeping up with a large home

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How Orange theory Fitness Helped My Business

Orangetheory is a high intensity workout craze taking the nation by storm. The workout is a unique combination of personal training and group fitness. While it’s only a one hour workout, the focus on heart rate based interval training causes you to burn calories continuously. Orangetheory Fitness is a workout and community which not only pushes you

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Surban Living and Its Benefits

For ѕеnіоrs, сhооѕіng tо ѕеttlе іn a urbаn оr ѕuburbаn еnvіrоnmеnt can be a dіffісult сhоісе. City living comes with unique experiences such as fresh new restaurants, activities, such as concerts, and a close knit sense of community. While city dwelling has it advantages, the disadvantages can include a loud, crowded and hectic environment. Which is why many who want a quieter and calmer life choose move to

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Makeover to Market in 2 Weeks with Property Protocol™

Adding value from start to sold! Speed. Value. Trust. Makeover to Market in Two Weeks: We’re serious about performance and adding value. We transform tired properties in two weeks with reliable licensed professional contractors. Our Promise: Protect and increase property value Quality service with relia

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Why Turn to an SRES©?

Why ask a Seniors Real Estate Specialist© to assist you? You’re thinking about selling your home. Maybe you’re retiring, downsizing or a major life event has made you consider a move. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist© (SRES©) has unique training and experience in helping home buyers and sellers in your situation. An SRES© understands that the decision to sell can be difficult. An SRES

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“Moving On” Guide for Seniors (PDF Download)

Is it time to sell your home? Are you thinking of selling your home to move to a senior-supportive environment? Or perhaps to move in with an adult son or daughter who can help with your needs as you grow older? You may be considering leaving the family home with all that it represents – the place where children were raised; the safety and security of a family unit; the physical space where you oldest and dearest memories reside. For seniors, it can signif

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