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Enhancing Your Client’s Estate

By Clifford Robison and Kyle Zwiren We are delivering a lunch and learn presentation in August. This article introduces the subject matter of our presentation. For more information and to attend, please see Clifford’s contact information at the bottom of this article. It’s the phone call that none of us like to receive. As a trusted advisor in the busines

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Inherited Homes: Tips For Avoiding Family Conflicts

By Howard Collens   In this issue of "Ask the Expert" Michigan estate planning attorney, Howard Collens shares tips on how to prevent family disputes after inheriting a home. When a loved one passes away, whether it was expected or unexpected, it often takes a toll on the frien

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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent in Oakland County, MI

It's always an exciting experience to buy or sell a home. And having an agent in your corner, that knows the ins and outs of real estate, will ensure you sell your home for the highest value, or help you negotiate the best price when buying a home. A quick search on Google or Zillow will list so many real estate agents in the results that it can be overwhelming, and you don’t want to hire just anyone during this import

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