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What To Do With Your Home In A Divorce

by Henry Gornbein, Partner and Head of the Family Law Unit at Lippitt O’Keefe Gornbein, PLLC – The marital home is often one of the major assets in a couple’s marital estate. A question that I am often asked is what

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How to Avoid the Top 5 Pitfalls that Cause Families to Overpay, Waste Time or Lose Money

by Tracy Wick, MUP, SRES®, Associate Broker – Attorneys are experts at crafting estate plans that protect real estate assets, but where is the field guide for dealing with a family member’s house full of possessions when age, personal or medical reasons dictate that it is time to sell a primary or vacation home? Elders and their families are often overwhelmed and conflicted about how to approa

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Made for Michigan Paint

by Motor City Paint Company™ Finding the right paint for a Michigan home is difficult work. The truth is, not all brands of paint are created equal. Some are made for certain climates, others for different kinds of homes. And some paints simply don’t stand up to the test of time. For Michigan homes, finding the right

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Property Protocol™ Case Study: Hoarder House

by Tracy Wick – Recently our Property Protocol™ system was utilized to assess, prepare, and sell an inherited hoarder house for an optimal return on investment. In this case, the home was in need of a major clean-out:  

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A Seller’s Guide to Navigating the Home Inspection

by House Logic – Getting beyond the home inspection is sort of like advancing to the next level in a video game. When you get past this step, you get to advance to a fresh, exciting place — your new home, to be exact. In Every Inspection, There Are Stakes for Buye

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