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Novi Realtor Gives Final Walk-Through Tips

After the seller accepts the buyer’s offer, a home inspection will take place within a week. And this inspection often will reveal that certain repairs are needed, anywhere from a leaky faucet to major foundational issues. In this case, the seller is provided a list of all requested repairs that need to be completed before the buyer moves into the h

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I Just Inherited a Home. Now What?

Northville Real Estate Agent Explains Although inheriting a home can be a generous gift from a loved one, dealing with the estate settlement process can be overwhelming - especially if you live out of state. You're more than likely still grieving the loss of a relative, yet important decisions need to be mad

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What To Do With Your Home In A Divorce

by Henry Gornbein, Partner and Head of the Family Law Unit at Lippitt O’Keefe Gornbein, PLLC – The marital home is often one of the major assets in a couple’s marital estate. A question that I am often asked is what

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